Mabuhay! We are SCG BUILK ONE Philippines.

Mabuhay! Builk Philippines Team are more than 100% ready to support you at all time!, Since the help with SCG, we are able to set up the SCG BUILK ONE PHILIPPINES here in BGC, Manila. The purpose of the company is to maintain the good quality and service of BUILK: Free online cost control software for contractors!

Moreover, to Bring move fun SCG BUILK ONE also bring other 2 software and service from Thailand! Which are Jubili and Yello! These software and service are ready for the Philippines to use and we are ready to introduce this technology that will help your business, and enhance your profits, and service your business in any way,

So, Let me introducing Jubili, The first-ever software for the B2B Sales team, Jubili will keep track all of clients activity, reminder, and has a realtime data based for sale team, Sale will never have to worry about they daily or weekly reports because jubili has it all.

Yello, is an e-commerce platform for construction materials, Yello will help procurement check the best and most valuable material price for your project, and delivery the construction mats to your construction site!


We here to help your business with new technology, we believed that digital transformation going to make a big change to your business, specially, in the construction industry.

We are glad to be here and we hope we can bring all the fun, joy, success, with our software and services. If you need any more information about any of our software and services, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We are more than welcome to hear your thought and feedback.